Welcome to freistil IT!

So you've gone through the interview process, you've got the job, you've signed the contract, and you're finally here at freistil IT. Congratulations, and welcome! We're very happy to have you on our team!

At freistil IT, we have our own ways of doing business and we want you to get going immediately. This Company Runbook will help you with making quick progress towards this goal.

Wikipedia defines a runbook like this:

In a computer system or network, a 'runbook' is a routine compilation of procedures and operations that the system administrator or operator carries out.

IT operations is our business and we're using runbooks all the time, so it wasn't a huge leap to also write a general runbook for the company. It will help you understand how freistil IT works — in the literal sense.

Getting started

Our Guiding Principles


Objectives and Key Results


Tools and resources

Your career