As you can tell from our company name, we like to do things our own way. At freistil IT, “working freestyle” means:

Remote only

We’re a 100% distributed team and Gitlab’s Remote only website provides a good summary of the goals and practices we’re aiming at.

Our vision and values

Our long-term strategy is based on the V2MOM model created by Marc Benioff. In his book “Behind the Cloud”, he talks about the planning process he used to grow to the world’s largest SaaS company. It has five elements, “Vision”, “Values”, “Methods”, “Obstacles”, and “Metrics”, short “V2MOM”. The goal of V2MOM is to create alignment from the CEO through to every front-line employee.

A key aspect of V2MOM is that we use this model on every level of the company, beginning from a company-wide V2MOM down to the individual team member’s V2MOM.

Here’s our company-wide V2MOM. A V2MOM is never set in stone; it needs to undergo regular reviews, so expect this section to change eventually.


  1. Deliver world-class managed IT services to customers who mean the world to us.
  2. Build a team of experts that complement, inspire and advance each other.
  3. Foster a company culture that values fun and creativity.